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Howards Solicitors is a law firm based in the North West of England but offering a nationwide service.

We are a three partner firm with 4 offices. We were established in 2004 by the now senior Partner Peter Eatherall.

We specialise in personal injury claims and often work on a No Win – No Fee basis which means that whatever compensation you are awarded you will receive 100% of it and even if you lose your case you will not pay anything.

The firm boasts a wealth of experience in this area and is headed by Gavyn Atkinson who has more than 13 years experience in this area of law and has previously worked for the insurance industry and so understands how the opposition work.

As solicitors we offer our clients a one stop shop. There are no middle men to whom we pay a commission and must report and so when you get in contact with us for help on your case you will always be able to speak to a qualified claims handler without delay.

We do not charge for making an assessment of your claim and so if you think you may have a valid personal injury claim then get in contact with us straight away and one of our expert personal injury claims lawyers will be able to advise you right away.

We can usually take your case on at no cost or risk to you and quite often we can provide you with an upfront payment towards your expected compensation to help you cope with any out of pocket expenses you have suffered as a result of your injury.

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